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apply to/forapply to/for

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apply for = make an application for; make a request for 

apply to = put to practical or specific use (i.e. knowledge, laws, regulations);
                  deal with, refer to


~ (to sb/sth) (for sth)
to make a formal request, usually in writing, for sth such as a job, a place at college, university, etc.


to apply for a job / passport / grant

to apply to a company / university


He has applied to join the army.


2[vn]~ sth (to sth)to use sth or make sth work in a particular situation 전치사 to이겠죠


to apply (to) economic sanctions / (to) political pressure


The new technology was applied to farming.

페인트 or 물감 or 크림같은것을 바르다, 칠하다. 적용하다.
[vn]~ sth (to sth)to put or spread sth such as paint, cream, etc. onto a surface


Apply the cream sparingly to your face and neck.


The glue should be applied to both surfaces.


4(not used in the progressive tenses)~ (to sb/sth)to concern or relate to sb/sth


Special conditions apply if you are under 18.


What I am saying applies only_=nim style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana"> 

The word ‘unexciting’ could never be applied to her novels.

열심히 하다. 전념하다
[vn]~ yourself (to sth / to doing sth)to work at sth or study sth very hard


ex)You would pass your exams if you applied yourself.

We applied our minds to finding a solution to our problem.

압박or힘, 영향 을 주다
[vn]to press on sth hard with your hand, foot, etc.

         to make sth work or have an effect on sth


to apply the brakes (of a vehicle)


Pressure applied to the wound will stop the bleeding.

보통 position이나 job에 apply 할 때에는 apply for를 씁니다.
  • I applied for several jobs and was offered one.
  • Anyone can apply for membership.
  • We applied to the bank for a loan.
  • To apply for our credit card, just fill out this form and send it to us.
  • Many high school students have begun applying for college.

apply 다음에 to + verb를 사용하는 경우도 있습니다.

  • Anyone can apply to become a member.

    apply to~에 적용하다
    * apply for~에 지원하다
    => 전치사 to는 ~에게, 을 향하여의 의미
    => 전치사 for는 ~을 위하여[목적], [희망, 소원] 을 원하여, 염원하여 


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